Survey & Mapping

We’re the experts for all forms of surveying and mapping works. We have the tools, the technology and the human resource to get you fast, accurate  and reliable survey/mapping output. Accuracy is critical for us, so  we use the latest equipment and accurate method  to get you a satisfying work. Our survey & Mapping support include
Topographical Survey

Topographical maps are used in different fields from civil engineering to urban and regional planning and real estate development. We process UAV imagery to generate orthomosaics that are later used as base maps to digitize features eventually producing digital topographical maps for the end user.

Volumetric Survey

We can generate a Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) for an existing surface model and also a proposed surface models. Volume calculations and sections can be generated from the comparison of surfaces.

Inspection Survey

Utilities are huge investments and they need to be maintained and inspected frequently to extend their lifespan. Our quadcopter drones are well-suited for inspecting utilities like high transmission power lines, wind turbines, silos, pipelines, cell phone towers etc. We also have thermal sensors that can be used to detect electrical faults and leakages.

Conservation & Heritage Survey

Historical sites are part of our DNA and they remind us of where we came from. Some of these sites are disintegrating with time and it is crucial to preserve them for the future generations to come. Using LiDAR and camera sensors, we are able to capture metric data can be used to generate an accurate 3D model of a site. This model can be used as a reference when reconstructing a damaged site.

Plot Subdivision

Subdivision platting is the division of property into legal lots that conform to the city specifications as provided in the Subdivision Ordinance. The process of platting transforms the proposed development into a legally recorded map.