Precision Agric

We are bridging the digital divide in African agriculture. Our precision agric team leverage agronomic insight, remote sensing , artificial intelligence , drones and sensors  to promote agriculture on the African soil. 
Crop Diagnostics

In the wake of global warming and climate change, crops are exposed to unpredictable weather and climatic patterns that will affect their growth. We offer crop monitoring services to scout for crop disease, crop health, pest infestation etc. We use Near Infrared sensors that are able to detect crop stress days before the human eye is able to detect the same. With this data, a farmer is able to act fast to provide a remedy to the failing crop.

Farm Mapping & Profiling

Gathering information about farmers not only enhances membership management, but it can also be used to improve handling of credit for inputs to farmers, organizing crop collection logistics processing, and marketing of products. We enable farmers’ organization ,  agri-businesses and NGO’s to take advantage of geospatial technologies such as drone tech to acquire accurate and up to date information about farms for Geo-targeted service delivery and increased traceability

Crop Spraying

Combined with mapping, drone sprayers can be utilised to target specific areas where treatment of fertiliser and soil ameliorants is necessary, reducing disease and increasing efficiency both in processes and revegetation outcomes. The combination of speed and power means that areas are able to be treated up to 40 times faster than manual spraying operations.

Crop Counting &Yield Estimation

Estimation of harvest is crucial, especially to crop insurance companies. We generate different correlation models using drone data that help us predict the expected yield of a crop. We also use specialised algorithms that are able to automatically count crops from UAV imagery. Crop yield estimation data is also crucial to agribusinesses who would like to forecast trends in their production.