As a GIS service company, we listen and respond to produce highly professional and industry-specific consulting services tailored to address a particular need. Over the years we have provided several consulting services to our clients coming from different sectors such as Agriculture, Transportation, Land Use Planning, Real Estate etc
Enterprise GIS App & Software Development

Whether you’re looking to build a mobile or software application to leverage on your data, we can provide your enterprise with solutions that will meet your business requirements regardless of which device platform they are to be used with.  Our developing unit can assist you with your project and business needs.

Project Management & Research

In addition to developing custom software applications, we are able to utilize in house GIS tools and human resources to provide GIS support during project development , implementation and research. Our supports come in   

  • GIS Analysis & Modelling (site suitability analysis, environmental sensitive mapping, surface interpolation etc)

  • Cartography (Web maps, land use plans, Analogue Maps & presentation of statistical data)

  • Spatial Data Acquisition (High Resolution Airborne Imagery, Digitization,

  • Database creation and Management

  • Data Processing and Transformation

  • 3D Modelling

GIS analysis.png

Some of the projects we have executed/ supervised include;

  • Acquisition of high resolution (2cm -6cm per pixel) aerial imagery for Street Naming and Property Addressing in Ghana

  • Environmental mapping and ecological assessment of mangrove ecosystem spanning the coast of Ghana – Funded by National Geographic Society

  • Development of Property Rate Information Management System for property rate collection in MMDAs