Property Tax Management

Using state of the art GIS technologies, we support Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in Ghana to address the operational or management challenges ( absence of comprehensive database on rateable properties, poor monitoring of  collections and payement, property tax evasion, poor valuation and corruption ) inhibiting the effective mobilisation of property tax in their jurisdiction 
Development of Geodatabase of Rateable Properties

We leverage emerging mapping technologies and tools to prepare a GIS-based database of all rateable properties in a particular jurisdiction. The database usually shows the locations of all the rateable properties with their GhanaPost IDs, ownership status, tax amount among others. 

Property Tax Collection Service

Property tax collection can be a difficult tax to handle in the absence  of appropriate mechanism . We offer unique and effective property tax collection service that promise high returns.

Property Tax Database Management and Monitoring

In addition, we offer high level management and monitoring service to identify defaulters, cases of evasion and embezzlement