"To leverage GIS and Remote Sensing technology to solve real life problems across many discipline such as natural resource management, Education, Agriculture, Sanitation, Transportation, Hydrology, Banking, Business, Forestry and Health. To design, educate and implement sustainability based programs and projects to conserve critical ecosystems and endangered species through the application of spatial analytical technologies. To train and provide research support for institutions and individuals using contemporary spatial social science approach." - ZGRS Team

What We Do

Geographic Information Services

We have cutting edged knowledge of Geographic Information Science and Remoting Sensing applications. As a result of our technological capabilities we always endeavor to provide best in services to our clients.

We map accurate coordinate location of community infrastructure of all kinds, such as electric power grid, roads, telephone/communication networks, and provide attribute data on their capacity, size, condition of infrastructure to establish a database from which reference maps and lookup tables can be produced for effective management and can be used to analyze the system and schedule maintenance.

Environmental Services

We know too well the harm being done to our environment. Forest are disappearing at alarming rate, flora and fauna are becoming extinct. Rivers are being polluted and people/animals are at risk of losing their homes. As an eco-conscious organization we strive to promote sustainable and wise use of environmental resources.

We design and implement long term conservation programs that seeks to protect and restore critical ecosystem and endangered species in the environment. Our programs educate and inspire a sense of conservation in local communities and enable them make a wise use of their environmental resources.

Research Services

We apply the theories, methods, and research techniques of spatial social science to assist institutions and individuals to research on social systems, environment, health and indigenous communities. We believe that spatial information surrounding observation in time and space can assist in the better understanding and interpretation of social processes when the right spatial analyses are undertaken.

We are able to collect the right data for your research needs by using PAPI (Paper) or CAPI (mobile data collection) method. When it comes to fast and accurate data collection that insist on geographic component we have a cutting edge knowledge in using GIS methods together with PAPI or CAPI approach in making it possible.


We provide software training solutions to empower local governments, MMDAs, District Assemblies and individuals within geography and environmental management disciplines. Our software training solution include Geographic Information Science application and Remote Sensing Application in agriculture, health, Aquatic, Business, Climate Change, Security, Ecology and Land Use Planning

We have special program for natural resource managers, planners and community based development organization that seeks to empower the human resource capacity to embrace GIS approach for natural resource management and community development.